Instant Production Value
Emulate expensive glass filters. Add expressive color.
Make faces look their best. Augment VFX.
Isolate & Beautify Skin
Reduce wrinkles, shininess
Stylish Looks: Over 500 Presets
New, unique, drag & drop looks
Optically Correct Highlights
No blown out, harsh colors

For VFX: Better Than "Light Wrap" Method
      Emulate real light behavior to perfect your composites.

Simple, Intuitive Controls
Create your own
custom colorful looks,
and even animate
specific qualities.


Our New Proprietary Algorithm
Emulates the Look of In-Camera Light Scattering

Push light & color to extremes, and still yield naturalistic “perceptually intuitive” results.
Developed by a professional cinematographer/colorist, and a PhD imaging scientist.

Over 90 Varied Skin Enhancer Presets

Different presets for different needs – fix wrinkles, blemishes, uneven skin color, shininess...
even make skin look tanner.

Or use novelty presets to apply a zombie, ghastly, or cartoon appearance.

Stylized Looks Presets:
Unlike Any Offered By Other "Look" Plugins

      Easily dialed down to appeal to a wide spectrum of professionals.

Animators Rejoice: Effortlessly
Create Multiple Client Options

Vary a project’s mood via colorful presets, instead of redesigning & re-animating.
Add a Layer of Realism
to Visual Effects Animation

Just a drag & drop away from
diffusion with an optically correct
in-camera feel.
Emulate Real Professional Glass Diffusion Filters

      Recreate the subtle finesse in the films of Hollywood cinematographers.
Remedy On-Set Budgetary Problems

    Make a set feel hot & sunny. Create the look of haze or fog.
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