Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Variable Diffusion to generate a LUT (lookup table) or CDL (color decision list) to apply in other software?
No, unfortunately that won’t work for either LUTs or CDLs. That’s because Variable Diffusion doesn’t simply shift the color values of individual pixels, it alters the color of individual pixels based on their relationship to other areas of the image (just as real glass diffusion filters do).

Are you planning to release a Windows / After Effects version of Variable Diffusion?
Currently it is only available for Mac / After Effects. If there seems to be demand for a Windows version we will strongly consider it. If you would like us to do so, feel free to let us know by emailing us at

Are you planning to release Variable Diffusion as a plugin for other host applications like Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Vegas, or as an OFX plugin?
If the demand is there, we’ll strongly consider it. If you would like us to do so, feel free to let us know by emailing us at

Do you have more Stylized Looks presets available that aren’t quite as garish and colorful?
The Stylized Looks presets can be easily dialed down via the “Blend with original” slider in the plugin’s effect controls (the very last of the controls). Just going halfway at 50% will bring many of the colorful presets to a more sophisticated look. Also, you can easily change the coloration to be less saturated, or any color you like, within the “Colorize” effects controls. For more info on the plugin’s controls, feel free to check out the user manual.

Does Variable Diffusion take advantage of After Effects' 32 bits per channel (float) mode?
No, because it will not access or preserve over-bright and under-dark color values. Variable Diffusion is designed to be used in 16-bit per channel mode with "Linearize Working Space" turned on. When working in a project set to 32 bits per channel (float) mode, it will function the same as it would in 16 bits per channel mode. Because of this, we recommend that Variable Diffusion be applied in your process after any intensive compositing that requires 32 bits per channel (float) mode.

Will Variable Diffusion’s Real Filter Emulation presets yield exactly the same results as using real, physical filters?
No. When you use real physical diffusion filters, you’re sampling light from the real world which contains much, much more image information that any recorded image of it. We feel our Real Filter Emulations come very close to the look of physical glass diffusion filters and capture the “feel & spirit” of them, and do so closer than any other dedicated post production product, thanks to our new proprietary algorithm. For most types of shots, our Real Filter Emulations affect the image in a way that is almost indiscernible from the way the real physical diffusion filter affects the image—albeit in terms of “feel & spirit” and not in exact, pixel-for-pixel emulation. No post production solution can authentically duplicate what a real physical diffusion filter does, at least until there are cameras that record in 14-bit color space with 40+ stops of dynamic range.

Do you have other new plugins in the works?
Yes, we have some very exciting plugins in development. For early notification and special discount codes, subscribe to our email list.


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