With Over 500 Free Presets, Get
Up & Running with Zero Learning Curve
Months upon months were spent developing scores of ready-to-go looks, so you can get your money's worth within just minutes of buying Variable Diffusion. These aren't just filler presets of sloppy, simple settings—these are looks developed by a professional colorist with a single mantra: "Only include presets that deliver looks good enough for a professional project."

We'll Be Frank and Just Say It...
Variable Diffusion is Really
All About the Presets
We understand that pros don't have time to sit around for hours learning a new plugin before they can reap value out of their purchase, so we made certain that our hundreds of presets really deliver. Download our demo, try them out, and see for yourself.

Great as a Starting Point for Your Own Exploration
Once you find a preset you like, you can easily dig into the controls and make it your own. Feel free to check out our user manual for a detailed breakdown of all of Variable Diffusion's controls.

Five Categories, Five Varied Purposes
A great thing about Variable Diffusion is how widely useful it is to different kinds of professionals. Our hundreds of presets are categorized by use: Skin Enhancers, Stylized Looks, Real Filter Emulations, Light Wrapture, and Grading Utilities. Cinematographers will love how our Real Filter Emulations give the most accurate simulations available of the glass diffusion filters they already know and love. Editors and colorists will love having Stylized Looks to add a boost of colorful expression to lackluster footage, as well as Skin Enhancers to beautify faces and skin. Visual effects artists are going to love how much time they save using Light Wrapture on composite shots, as well as Real Filter Emulations for adding a layer of realism to any VFX shot. And motion designers and cel animators will love how Stylized Looks can shift the emotional and aesthetic tone of a project without having to redesign, re-animate, or re-render... giving them a stockpile of client options, quickly and easily.

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